USS William H. Standley DLG/CG-32 Association


MISSION: Modern U.S. Navy Guided Missile Cruisers are called upon to perform primarily in a Battle Force role. As such, these ships are multi-mission (AAW, ASW, ASUW) surface combatants capable of supporting carrier or battleship battle groups, amphibious forces, or of operating independently and as flagships of surface action groups. Due to their extensive warfighting capability, these ships have been designated as Battle Force Capable (BFC) units. Ticonderoga, Long Beach and Virginia-class cruisers are also equipped with Tomahawk ASM/LAM giving them an additional long range strike mission capability.

Displacement:7,930 tons (full load)
Length: 547 feet
Beam: 55 feet
Max Speed: 32 knots
Power Plant: 4 - 1200 psi boilers; 2 geared turbines, 2 shafts; 85,000 shaft horsepower
Aircraft: 1 - SH-2F (LAMPS) [Except CG 26: SH-3]
Armament: Standard Missile (ER)++; 8 - Harpoon (from 2 quad launchers); ASROC++; 6 - MK 46 torpedoes (from 2 triple tube mounts); 1 - 5-inch/54 caliber MK 42 gun; 2 - 20mm Phalanx CIWS
Complement: 477 (27 officers, 450 enlisted)
Builders: CG 26-28, 32, 34 Bath Iron works; CG 29, 31 Puget Sound Naval Shipyard; CG 30 San Francisco Naval Shipyard; CG 33 Todd Shipyards

USS Belknap (CG 26); Gaeta, Italy
USS Josephus Daniels (CG 27); Norfolk, Va.
USS Wainwright (CG 28); Charleston, S.C.
USS Jouett (CG 29); San Diego, Calif.
USS Horne (CG 30); Long Beach, Calif.
USS Sterett (CG 31); Subic Bay, Republic of the Philippines
USS William H. Standley (CG 32); San Diego, Calif.
USS Fox (CG 33); San Diego, Calif.
USS Biddle (CG 34); Norfolk, Va.

++ Denotes Standard Missiles and ASROC fired from same missile launcher

SOURCE: Department of the Navy (OP-03PA); Washington, D.C. 20350-2000; (202) 694-6049