USS William H. Standley DLG/CG-32 Association

How WHS got her Patch

Most ships patches are designed by means of a contest amoung crewmembers, and a committee selected by the skipper usually chooses the final design. First Prize is usually a long weekend or some similar coveted award. My information has it that Captain Maul designed the patch personally.

Paul F. Svagdys, Sr. 10 September 1998

How WHS got her Call Sign

STANDLEY's call sign originally was not STEAMER. The common custom was that some computer in BuShips or elsewhere in the Pentagon picked out her call sign. Captain Maul was not happy with that and got on the blower right away and straightened that error out to make sure that STANDLEY had the PROPER call sign.

Paul F. Svagdys, Sr. 10 September 1998