USS William H. Standley DLG/CG-32 Association

Baked Alaska - Again!

AS you may remember when we had been to sea for several months Bill Sutherling (Assistant Supply Officer) began to pride himself on the quality and variety of the wardroom meals that he was able to produce given the challenges of the situation we were in. I remember that due to his efforts and Lt. Commander Gregory's we soon established The Standley's reputation as a "feeder".

Nothing made Bill so proud as the periodic surprise we would have when he served steaks and even more rarely - Baked Alaska. After several of these magical productions we began to chide Bill every time the meal was served, complaining unanimously. "Oh no! Baked Alaska again!" We followed this with much feigned boredoom and disgust masking our real admiration and appreciation for his efforts. Bill took this fine for a while and then began to get a little sensitive about it and finally began to irritably respond to us that not every ship in the Navy had this fortune. So the stage was set.

I believe we went to General Quarters during the helo incident and Dan Cooksey and I had the deck. When the helo landed we were relieved and we went aft to meet the flight crew. The officers were invited to the wardroom for dinner and we had enough time with them before to plot. Bill went into flank speed preparing his special meal in order to impress the fly boys and at the appointed time we all sat down and dinner was served., The pilot played it beautifully, congratulating Bill on his steak and wondering how such bounty was possible in the middle of the Gulf. He waited as we had told him to until Bill, who was now primed and bursting with pride, officiated at the serving of his crowning acheivement. . the dessert.

The pilot let the plate settle in front of him, paused to let a flicker of consternation cross his face, and then turned to his co-pilot and exclaimed "Oh no! Not Baked Alaska AGAIN ! " Bill turned apoplectic red and went Mark IV Mod 2 ballistic.

Chris Raker, 20 September 1998