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The Hillbilly Coffee Maker June 1971

Remember the hillbilly Engineman 1st? I can't remember his name.

Anyway, we had a leak in the seal on the rudder shaft and we went into Subic Bay for repairs while we were on the '71 Westpac cruise. We had a coffee pot in aft steering and we would keep it going all the time while we were underway and in port, that way the watches and snipes could get a coffee when ever we wanted to without going to the mess deck.

Anyhow, while we were in Subic Bay, the yardbirds who were working in the steering gear, would wait till no navy personel were around and they would fill their bottles and thermoses with our coffee. They would not remake coffee and they suddenly forgot any English they knew when we asked them about it. This went on for several days . The hillbilly made them a pot of coffee one morning and told everybody to not drink any coffee from the pot.

He took all the old coffee grounds from the Mess Decks and Salt water and made a pot of coffee for the yardbirds to drink. Everyone hung around until they arrived and we went off like we usually did.. Lo and behold the coffee pot was empty a short time later. The yardbirds denied any knowledge of the pot being empty.

We didn't have a problem with coffee disapearing after that. I remember trying to give the yardbirds coffee after that and they wouldn't take it.

I can't understand why.

Bob Levesque, 16 September 1998

I think the name of your hillbilly coffeemaker was EN1 Farris. He ran "A" gang, and worked and lived in after steering. It was a regular 'hangout' back there for lots of us 'snipes'. Seems there was always a poker game in progress, good coffee, hot popcorn, and very loud country music, ( it had to be turned way up, to be heard over the noise of the screws and steering gear).

I can't remember now what his first name was...

Marc Miller, 20 November 1998