USS William H. Standley DLG/CG-32 Association

Torpedo Tube Bet

It was in 1971-72, steaming out at sea. The torpedomen were removing the torpedoes from the launcher with help from a few sonarmen. They were going to clean out the grease from the tubes and re-grease them. As normal activity goes, alot of talk was going on ( trash talking ) and the subject of my slim built was brought up. I don't remember who madethe bet, but a torpedoman bet me that I could not get into one of the tubes. Being a typical saltwater sailor from Texas, who never turned down a bet ( pride, you know, plays a major part), I took the bet.

Well, I worked my way into the tubes on the port side. It was tight but not too bad. One of the guys ran down and got a camera to take the picture. I am not sure who has that print, but I remember seeing it back in the 1970's! There are not too many people that can say that they have been inside the Standley's torpedo tubes! The foot shot looked good!

John Strawn, 1 September, 1998