USS William H. Standley DLG/CG-32 Association

Black Sea Story 1977

USSR Krivak Class Corvette - Courtesy Jack Roberts

During the 1977 Med cruise, we went into the Black Sea with another ship, and were met by a Krivak class corvette, and a trawler. The corvette shadowed us like a second coat of paint for the time we were in there, and the trawler stayed with the other ship. All we were doing was making our presence felt, and minding our own business. ( Ya. right )

After leaving the Black Sea, while on ops near a bay the Russians used for a tender location, Capt. Toole steamed into that anchorage at 27 knots, circling the anchored ships for a little while, then departed at speed. Just a little good clean fun at sea.

Capt. Toole was the kind of skipper you'd follow anywhere.

Wayne Thomas, 30 August 1998