USS William H. Standley DLG/CG-32 Association

Sea Trials - 1978 

During sea trials of Port Angelas, Wa. right after the 1978 yard period. We were doing the steering tests at full power, and the dirve shaft ( at least that's what it looks like, complete with a universal joint at each end ) came apart. Going in a circle is interesting to say the least. Of coarse, this all happened at noon chow, and the rudder in against the stop. The chief engineer called down with the Captain's regards, and wanted to know if we should slow down, or stop, or if we could fix the problem. I asked for a course to steer that we could hold for a little while, and we fixed it at speed. A pin came out of the drive shaft. One of the yard birds replaced it, and then peened it over so it would hold for a little while.

As a side note to that, during that full power run, we passed a merchant ship going the other way. Then we went full power astern, and passed it again. He must have wondered what we were doing.

Wayne Thomas, 18 January 1999